Increasing Social Media Engagement as Medium of Promotion with PouchNation

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When an event like a music concert, sport event, seminars, conferences and other events are certainly require to have a spectator for the event can be regarded a successful event. For that you as an organizer can do the promotion of even either through print media or also social media. But now, with increasingly advanced information technology and also sophisticated, then you can use smart phones that can make people use the internet connection whenever and also wherever. You as the seller can do promotional events to be held using social media. This is because social media engagement is very influential on the ticket sales an event.

There are many advantages that can be organizers when using social media as a medium of promotion such as:

  1. Media social can make organizers more easily inform the event to be held.

  2. Media social can make organizers sell tickets easily.

  3. Media social can make organizers know complaints from potential audiences.

  4. Media social can make organizers answer the audience’s complaints.

If you want to increase social media engagement, so you can use PouchNation. Maybe some of you still do not know what PouchNation is a sophisticated system that can help organizers of events in managing events to run smoothly and successfully. One way to get the event can run smoothly that is by doing promotion using PouchNation’s media social.

PouchNation uses a ticket usage system with a bracelet of NFC wristband. The prospective buyer ticket will be given a code that will be filled in the ticket of the bracelet. So the event organizers can easily select the audience when going into the venue. Besides that, the audience can avoid the long queue when entering the venue even the audience can use the bracelet during the event. It is because can be used as medium of cashless payment system.